Károly Kratochvil Military Secondary School and Student Hostel Debrecen, Hungary

Our school was founded a few years ago when on 1 Aug, 2013 the Ministry of Defence of Hungary became the maintaining body of an already-existing school in Debrecen, Hungary, and one year later this institution adopted the name of Károly Kratochvil Military Secondary School and Student Hostel – the well-known Hungarian military leader of World War I.
This is the only military-run educational institution in Hungary and, as such, it has a unique and special position in the country’s educational system. It is located directly neighbouring the HDF 5th István Bocskai Infantry Brigade, the biggest ground force in Hungary.
Our school provides secondary education for pupils between 14 and 18 (classes 9-12), in two classes on each year with maximum 25 students per class. Each one is specialised either in English or in Electrical Engineering and one additional class in Information Technology. We also have vocational training for students after graduation.
We welcome students, boys and girls alike, from all over Hungary, but we also have students from regions beyond this country’s borders, as well. Two-third of the applicants deliberately prepare for this school with the intension of choosing a military career. There are four times more applicants to the secondary school class, seven times more to the electronic class than the quota.
Our expectations of the cadets in terms of personal achievement, academic and otherwise, and discipline are high. The progress of selecting our students includes entrance exam results, academic points, personal conversation, physical tests and psychological evaluation.
Students spend their time in a peculiarly complex and special pedagogical environment; they pursue their studies according to the National Curriculum and examinations specifications, in which Basic Military Studies is a compulsory subject for everyone. It is supplemented by the student hostel, where staying-in is compulsory for the cadets. In case of both areas, the spirit of the military education is dominant. Moreover,our extracurricular programme is excellent; sport, military-related activities and English in particular are strong. The teaching staff consists of both civilian and military teachers. As being a military institution, we promote and expect traditional military values, e.g. duty, discipline, loyalty, honour etc.
Károly Kratochvil Military Secondary School and Student Hostel achieves better and better results in the fields of sports, military activities, physical activities, as well as scholar competitions by winning more and more regional and national contests. Furthermore, our school offers memorial hikes, war grave maintenance, participation in re-enactment groups, various military or city-related events.

The School's Presentation